The first step is accept them

There is no point in #constantly #complaining about people. The first step is accept them as they are. The next step is to learn to relate with them in an #appropriate manner.

That’s where things have gone wrong.

So what’s wrong with #specialization? Specialization has #percolated into every aspect of our lives that it is equated with #professionalism. That’s where things have gone wrong. #Specialization is inversely related to originality.



This great man had said that

This great man had said that “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today”.
Yesterday, today, tomorrow – three different words, that in the normal course of conversation, stand for the three different aspects of time – past, present and future. So, how then can we justify the topic – that the present equates to the future ?

In the story mentioned above, between 1921, when FDR went through a seriously debilitating illness, until 1932, when he became the President, he lived through more than 4000 ‘todays’. So, how did he use or manage these ‘todays’ ? First, he was clear on his priorities. His health came first. Every ‘today’, he spent many hours exercising his muscles relentlessly. The result – he became physically stronger to face the ‘challenges’ that every tomorrow brings. Second, he surrounded himself with the positive – cheerful conversation, family and friends, activities to restore his health. The result – the emergence of a confident and optimistic personality, who did not allow a paralyzing illness to dominate the talents and potential within. Third, in line with his passion, he continued to follow the political developments in his country, by maintaining contact with the people on the ground, even through his recovery period . The result – he paved the way for his political career and stepped into the highest political office, in one of the most powerful countries in the world.

5 Ways to Effectively Deal with Bullying a Child

‪#‎Request‬ the support of friends to join you in taking a stand against the bully’s ‪#‎behavior‬. Social pressure condemning such actions is a powerful deterrent to put a bully in his or her place. When the bully realizes that such ‪#‎intolerable‬ offenses merit ‪#‎punishment‬, social ‪#‎condemnation‬, and have no place in a civilized society, he will ‪#‎realize‬ that he has no choice but to cease such ‪#‎activity‬.



Equanimity about people

We need equanimity to live with people. The Gita says; “He, who is of the same mind to the good hearted, friends, enemies, the indifferent, the neutral, the hateful, relatives, the righteous and the unrighteous, he excels”. We catagorise people based on their relationship with us, and our relationship with them. A person may be our well-wisher, another may be our intimate friend, yet another an enemy. One may be neutal or indifferent friend, yet another a relative or a loved one..

Remember, a person may be friendly to me., but inimical to someone. I may be friendly to someone and neutral with respect to someone.
Taking myself as the reference point. I need to live with all these types of people. They may be close relatives or mere acquaintances.

The Gita advises us to have equanimity[samata] with respect to people. There are two kinds of people-those who have difficulties and those who are difficult. We have to live with them, learn to accept every individual, without agonising over why that person is the way he or she is. For instance, we see various types of trees,plants and flowers and fruits in the garden and accept them as they are. We do not say that an apple should be like a mango, a mango like an orange and so on. We accept that the mango as it is, an orange as it is and the lemon as it is. We do not complain about the sourness of the lemon and insist that it should be like a mango. Similarly with vegetables-the bitter guard is bitter and that is its speciality.